Who we are

We are a leading child protection, health and development organization that promotes access to equal and sustainable opportunities to children and vulnerable families.

What we do

We implement projects at the heart of the community aimed at child protection, education empowerment, health and community empowerment.

Why we do it

Through our programs we are ending the cycle of poverty by empowering children and impacting the community for future generations.

Our Mission

Enhance and support the growth and development of children, young people and their families by facilitating access to justice, education, health, and their psychosocial and economic support. Putting communities at the center and fostering their growth through fair and sustainable opportunities.

Our Vision

A world of opportunities, equal and sustainable for every child.

Our Focus Areas

Our programs focus on the following outcomes: rehabilitation and reintegration economic empowerment, access to justice, education empowerment and climate change and safe environment.  The programs are all connected and essential to ending the cycle of poverty.

The AfCiC Economic Empowerment programme is designed to give people the tools to be able to support themselves economically. Primarily, this part of our work is aimed not at children who live and work on the streets, more at youths and families, those who have the capacity to work and to forge livelihoods themselves
With the goal of eradicating extreme poverty for all people everywhere and ending hunger, it all begins with ending child poverty; and according all children including street children equal opportunities in quality education, sanitation, economic opportunities and good health.

With a regional fertility rate of 5.1, compared to a global average of 2.4, and a 2030 projected
population size of 1.5 billion people, there needs to be an increase in the supply of educational
opportunities for all children in order to meet the growing demand in sub-Saharan Africa.

As climate change is affecting every country on every continent, Kenya is no exception. As such, Kenya has in the last few years experienced changed weather patterns that have resulted in long periods of drought and erratic rainfalls that result floods hence in food shortages and food insecurity in the country. Therefore, the need for solutions that will reduce carbon emissions and increase adaptation efforts are eminent.

The Kenya Children’s Legal Aid Work (KCLAW) is a specific program by Action for Children in Conflict that seeks to promote access to justice, strengthen the rule of law, promote human rights and significantly reduce all forms of violence in the society.

Our Partners

We are very fortunate to work with the most amazing organisations and people who are geared towards seeing our vision a success

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A world of opportunities, equal and sustainable for every child.

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