Make a difference in a child’s life

We envision a world where  all children access and attain equal opportunities. Your partnership and donations go a long way in bringing hope and changing the lives of millions of children in Kenya. Be a hero.

Who we are

We aim to empower refugees to be self-sufficient by providing them with skills and business training programs.

What we do

Our educational programs provide refugees and displaced people with practical and academic knowledge.

How we do it

Through our leadership programs, we’re preparing a generation of refugees to be catalyst of change in their communities.

Our Work

A Taste of Hope

A taste of Hope is a Refuge and Hope project geared towards equipping students with cooking skills and skills in culinary arts. It started off as a training program and now it has grown to a Cake and pastry shop.

Sawing Hope

Sawing Hope is a sawing program that gives an opportunity to students who want to equip themselves with fashion and design skills. Most graduates from Sawing Hope have established their own fashion brands in and around Kampala.

I Go The Mile

I go the Mile is a Leadership and mentor-ship program aimed for the youth at the Center of Hope. Here they receive Bible classes, mentor-ship, guiding and counseling among other projects that help them shape up to be model citizens in the society.

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