Progam Activities

  • a) Provide accommodation for the children.
  • b) To educate and equip the children with life skills.
  • c) To equip the children with self-expression skills which in turn improves their self-esteem.
  • d) To detoxify the children and mitigate the impact of long-term use of alcoholic and drugs substance.
  • e) Education which for instance basic numeracy and literacy skills, fashion and art, photography, videography.
  • f) Sports, education, educational entertainment for example dance, theater and music.
  • g) Provide counselling and cater for spiritual, and psychological needs for the children and families
  • h) Reintergration and home visits
  • Main Objectives

    • 1. Rescue,rehabilitate,resocialize street and vulnerable children
    • 2. Re-integrate the children with their families and back in school
    • 3. Provide a homely environment for the children
    • 4. Equip boys with basic life and literacy skills
    • 5. Prepare boys for school life

    More About TRC

    The rehabilitation center which is located at Karibaribi, Ngoigwa, Thika in Kiambu County, serves as a safe haven where street children rescued from the center are provided with food, shelter, clothing and a formal and non-informal education in a protective and nurturing environment..