Progam Activities

  • 1.Conducting street walk. This in a bid to identify children to be placed or referred to the temporary rescue center.
  • 2.Street work which involves identification of cases of child abuse, taking older street children to technical and vocational training.
  • 3 .Identifying new young street children.
  • 4. Cleaning up activities at the center and surrounding community
  • 5. Identifying and helping street children in need of medical care.
  • 6. Feeding program which entails provision of food ie; porridge in the morning, food during lunch time.
  • 7. Women mobilization and empowerment through table banking.
  • 8. Provision of sanitary towels and diapers to girls and mothers in the streets.
  • 9. Teen mother programs where they are educated on different family planning methods.
  • 10. Following up on older ,re-integrated children (beneficiaries of AfCiC).
  • 11. Providing important services to the community by working together with various service providers
  • Main Objectives

    • 1. Improve the children’s hygiene and sanitation
    • 2. Improve nutrition where there is a feeding programme
    • 3. Improve literacy and numeracy levels
    • 4. Improve access, retention and progress of children academically
    • 5. Provide a safe environment for innovations of escaping and eradicating poverty and basic skills


    The program has been encouraging street children to attend our Outreach Programme for Vulnerable Children centre (OPVC) daily from morning untill late afternoon, to keep them away from the streets whilst involving them in activities like life skills, art and sports..