Prudence Karanja

Prudence Karanja AKA Modo

My name is Prudence Karanja, I am International realtions and diplomacy student at Maseno University and also one of the pioneer members of YKA. I joined Action for children in conflict as a project management intern, My colleagues gave me the nickname mademoiselle

Throughout  my internship I came face to face with challenges facing families and communities, most of these problems have negative impacts on children and young people thereby creating a world where children and young people feel left out. I discovered that for solutions to these challenges to be sustainable there is need for young people and communities to transform their mindset on careers and access to employment ,alcohol and drug abuse, mental health/ issues affecting their social life. In addressing poverty, environment and climate change, communities should be educated not to solely depend on receiving help but how to sustain themselves even after the help is withdrawn.  

Young people need models not critics” this is what AfCiC has been to me throughout my volunteer period . It has modelled me to be a leader , a change maker and champion for issues affecting the community. I have worked with people with an outstanding character and passion for addressing challenges facing community. AfCiC has a vision for a world of equality for all cadre. I thank AfCiC for giving me an opportunity to contribute to  empowering communities.