Young Friends of AfCiC (YFA)

YFA was formed by a group of young people with the vision of creating a platform to transform the mindset of young people in dealing with issues affecting their lives and the society, by educating youths and the community on ways of transforming their lives through changing their reflections of the world and approaches to adopt in seeking solution for challenges facing them.

who we are


To transform the mindset and reflections of young people in dealing with issues affecting their lives and communities positively, in order to initiate personal and community change


“Kubadilisha, kuhamasisha na kuelimisha vijana na jamii “ (meaning to transfom inspire and educate youths and communities)


A world of committed and responsible young people


• Empowerment of young people and communities through mindset transformation. • Create a platform for the youth to share experiences and empower each other. • Promote open youth to youth communication • Raise public awareness for issues affecting young people. • Connect young change makers

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Prudence Karanja AKA modo

My name is Prudence Karanja, I am International realtions and diplomacy student at Maseno University and also one of the pioneer members of YKA. I joined Action for children in conflict as a project management intern, My colleagues gave me the nickname mademoiselle

Throughout  my internship I came face to face with challenges facing families and communities, most of these problems have negative impacts on children and young people thereby creating a world where children and young people feel left out. I discovered that for solutions to these challenges to be sustainable there is need for young people and communities to transform their mindset on careers and access to employment ,alcohol and drug abuse, mental health/ issues affecting their social life. In addressing poverty, environment and climate change, communities should be educated not to solely depend on receiving help but how to sustain themselves even after the help is withdrawn.  

Young people need models not critics” this is what AfCiC has been to me throughout my volunteer period . It has modelled me to be a leader , a change maker and champion for issues affecting the community. I have worked with people with an outstanding character and passion for addressing challenges facing community. AfCiC has a vision for a world of equality for all cadre. I thank AfCiC for giving me an opportunity to contribute to  empowering communities.

Cynthia Ngunjiri

My name is Cynthia i am a  Gender and Development studies graduate from Kenyatta University. I worked as a project management intern at Action for Children in Conflict.The youth who are our future leaders need support and a platform to showcase what they can do best in order to be effective agents of change in our society.During my internship  my colleagues were nothing but supportive and ready to help in different capacities. AFCIC  provided a learning environment where i grew intellectually and through various interactions and networking,it  transformed  my thinking into what i can do differently in order to empower my fellow youths in the community.

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Caroline Mugo

My name is Caroline Mugo , I am a law student  at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Karen campus). For my legal aid attachment, I was privileged to get an opportunity at Action for children in confict (AfCiC). I was given the opportunity to be involved with website and social media pages in a hands-on manner, which was very educational, and I surely did learn an authentic amount of web development, photography and editting and legal research knowledge from my time there. I also had the opportunity to work with the social workers where I got the opportunity to do street work.There is absolutely nothing as great as volunteering in at AfCiC. I was touched by the warm hearts and selflesness of the organisation, and I was given a chance to give back to the world in a meaningful way.The friends made at AfCiC will surely last me a life time, and the experience has truly changed my life for the better. Anyone looking to make a difference in the world, help out a needy neighbor, and make some great memories should definitely join AfCiC. Through volunteering in AfCiC, with the most underprivileged children you may ever be exposed to, will definitely give you the maturity, integrity, motivation and passion to mold you into a better person.

Brillian kanyuira

My name is Brillian Njoki, I am a Law student at Kenyatta University Parklands Campus. In AFCIC I worked as a legal intern- providing free legal advice to parents and children and advocating for their rights and fair treatment. The Kenya Children’s Legal Aid Work (KCLAW) is one of the specific programs in AFCIC that addresses issues around the safeguarding of the rights of children through the Kenyan legal system. . KCLAW receives complaints from clients who either come by themselves or are referred to us by the various Sub-County offices, mainly in Kiambu and Murang’a counties. The department receives complaints on a variety of issues concerning children but the dominant issues are custody and maintenance. In trying to solve this issues there are various approaches that we follow which are:

  • Mediation
  • Institute court proceedings on behalf of the minors
  • Offer legal advice to parents of the children
  • Watching brief in court matters involving children
  • Conduct awareness campaigns and outreach programs
  • Conduct training and capacity building
  • Advocacy and policy formulation

My stay at AFCIC has been rewarding, the organization has allowed me to better my career as well as my life in general. As a young girl I have acquired skills that advocate for young people to achieve their full potential and share their future with power and confidence. Healthy, productive and productive citizens.

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Phoustine Wafula

My name is Phostine Naliaka  Wafula. I studied bachelor of development studies at Mount Kenya University.

I volunteered at action for children in conflict for three months as a development studies expert which enabled me to gain a lot of skills related to my course.i worked at the outreach program for vulnerable children, majengo where I dealt with street children. Our main goal was to promote health, protection and development of children.  I enjoyed working with street children who visited our centre since through interaction with them; I was able to understand much about the lives of these street children and the problems they go through.

I helped the children in improving their sanitation , health and development in many sectors by doing both formal and non formal teachings to them. I empowered them with skills in different fields, that is, health education and promotion, gender, children rights, basic literacy skills, sex education and drug abuse. Through these sessions, children were able to know their rights since I realized that most of them were ignorant about them. Health education and drug abuse sessions helped the children improve their health as most of the children had been affected negatively due to abuse of drugs. It was my pleasure to work with these children as I helped them improve and develop their lives.

Miriam Wacuka

As a young budding Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, AFCIC has offered me numerous platforms to work with them in achieving their vision and mission of ensuring a sustainable environment for vulnerable children. This has been through conducting pro-Bono cases, participating in the drafting and enforcement of legal policies which affect children at the County and National level and contributing to various projects and field work by offering free legal advice to vulnerable families in the society. This has enabled me to also me to achieve my career goals due to the excellent exposure I get while working with them.

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