The rehabilitation center which is located at Karibaribi, Ngoigwa, Thika in Kiambu County, serves as a safe haven where street children rescued from the center are provided with food, shelter, clothing and a formal and non-informal education in a protective and nurturing environment.


Progam Activities

a) Provide accommodation for the children.

b) To educate and equip the children with life skills.

c) To equip the children with self-expression skills which in turn improves their self-esteem.

d) To detoxify the children and mitigate the impact of long-term use of alcoholic and drugs substance.

e) Education which for instance basic numeracy and literacy skills, fashion and art, photography, videography.

f) Sports, education, educational entertainment for example dance, theater and music.

g) Provide counselling and cater for spiritual, and psychological needs for the children and families

h) Reintergration and home visits

Main Objectives

1. Rescue,rehabilitate,resocialize street and vulnerable children

2. Re-integrate the children with their families and back in school

3. Provide a homely environment for the children

4. Equip boys with basic life and literacy skills

5. Prepare boys for school life


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Tel: +254 714 038 285/+254 722 753 137 Email:info@actionchildren.or.ke Kenyadirector@actionchildren.or.ke

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Action for Children in Conflict,Section 9, off Mgoko Road,P.O.Box, 6439-01000,Thika, Kenya.

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