Timothy and Child Sponsorship


Timothy was discovered by our Outreach staff in Makongeni and was referred to our Interim Care Centre where he has begun rehabilitation in September. Prior to that, he had been on the streets for 9 months after dropping out of school in class 6, seemingly as a result of his parents’ separation. He continued to live with his mother, but after remarrying, the new step-father would not accept him. This rejection had both enormous emotional consequences for Timothy, but also meant that he was not properly cared for, with the father rarely allowing him to have food.

Timothy then ran away from home and spent his days working in the market, doing anything he could to get money to eat, to survive. Whilst living on the street, he began smoking marijuana, a habit that he has stopped since joining our Interim Care Centre. His mother now has a young baby with the step-father, so has to stay at home, which leaves her completely dependent on her husband as the breadwinner of the family. Unfortunately, if she cannot convince him to accept Timothy, he will be unable to return home.

Timothy has been slowly moving through the rehabilitation process and we have seen a big improvement in him recently. He is absolutely determined to go back to school, with the help of a sponsor; the only problem now lies in whether or not he can return home.

Timothy told us a bit about himself;

“I’m Timothy, I am 13 years old and I haven’t been to school for more than a year. I ran away from home because my stepfather was not happy with me. There was no food and no care, it didn’t feel like home. I felt unwanted. Living in the centre is good; I have learned good behavior and have good manners now. I know I can’t go home, but want I want most of all is to go back to school so I can make my life come good”.

If you want to sponsor a child like Timothy, please do get in contact with us. As previously indicated, Timothy is not the real name of this candidate, and he is only a typical example of a child awaiting sponsorship.

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