Rebecca and Child Sponsorship

Rebecca is 11, and has 3 siblings. Her life started like many other children in Kenya, in a rural village, but having contracted Malaria when she was just past her first birthday, things began to change for her.

Rebecca was admitted to hospital, and have been put on medication, her health deteriorated further, not being able to stand on her own feet, or even talk. During this period, the family was worried about Rebecca’s health and they decided to seek further medical attention at Kenyatta National hospital. After a thorough check up, her mother was asked to attend a medical clinic with Rebecca.  During this clinic, Rebecca was discovered to have hearing problems and her mother was advised to purchase a hearing aid at a cost of 10,000ksh (£73/$116). The family could not afford the hearing aid and so they decided to take her back home without it.

After a few years, Rebecca underwent further medical check-ups and the doctor confirmed that she indeed had hearing problems, and she was referred to a school near her home. However, Rebecca was faced with many challenges in her new school as she could neither speak nor hear. This challenge was a troubling not only for her, but also for her teachers as well as the other children, and due to her lack of speech, she would lose her way from home to school and vice versa as she could not ask anyone for directions. This happened on several occasions and sometimes Rebecca would disappear for a few days at a time.

When there was clearly no change in Rebecca’s situation, her parents took her for another assessment and they were referred to Kambui School for the Deaf where Rebecca was enrolled in the nursery class after an academic interview.

Rebecca is still in the same school and in class 4, but with both parents unemployed, her family has been relying on the government’s constituency development fund popularly known as CDF to support Rebecca through school. The CDF funds do not cover the entire fee, so the family has outstanding school fees amounting to Kshs.17, 000 and the school is considering discontinuing Rebecca’s education for non-payment of the required school fees.

Through the help of Child Sponsorship, Rebecca will be able to continue at the school, and claim her right to education that so many of us take for granted. If you would like to find out more, please get in contact.

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