Access to justice

The Kenya Children’s Legal Aid Work (KCLAW) is a specific program by Action for
Children in Conflict that seeks to promote access to justice, strengthen the rule of law, promote
human rights and significantly reduce all forms of violence in the society.

Aims of KCLAW

  • To inform and create awareness on issues of child rights
  • To promote access to justice for and by children victims and/or offenders
  • To offer legal aid services in children matters ranging from custody and maintenance
    to land and succession issues.
  • To be a major policy and legislation influencer on children rights issues both at national
    and county levels of government.

How We Do It

Awareness Campaigns & Outreach Programmes, Training and Capacity Building

The program conducts clinics and fora in the community aimed at sensitizing the community on child rights, gender based violence and access to justice. In addition, we hold training with various players in the justice system including the judiciary, the police and other court users with a view to informing court users of court processes and reducing corruption and bribery in the justice system. In addition, it promotes the development of effective, accountable and transparent institutions Moreover, the program is engaged with establishment of child rights clubs in local primary schools with the view entrenching human rights issues and rule of law in the children to make them human rights champions of today and the future.

Advocacy and Policy Formulation

KCLAW is involved and participates in stakeholder meetings touching on legislation and policies at both national and county levels of government. This promotes responsive, inclusive, participatory representative decision-making as well as promotion and enforcement of non-discriminatory laws and policies, bringing about sustainable development..

Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Alternative Dispute Resolution is encouraged to enhance access to justice. This is moreso in matters of child support and maintenance to reduce instances of child neglect, abuse, exploitation and/or torture.

Legal Aid Services

Legal aid services are offered to clients through public interest litigation, institution of court proceedings, training on court procedures & the art of self-representation and offering of affordable legal advice to clients. Further, we hold brief for children and women victims of crimes such as defilement, rape, domestic violence and cases involving child offenders, to ensure that the criminal process is conducted well to bring about just outcomes and protect against shoddy and haphazard prosecutions, also deterring corrupt prosecutors or judicial officers.


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