Gender Equality

Whilst gender equality is a fundamental human right that is critical and important to all
aspects of a healthy society, ranging from education, health, reduction of poverty and
climate change; women and girls in Kenya still continue to suffer gender-based
discrimination resulting from highly patriarchal communities, leading to less access to
education, health, land, employment opportunities and other resources. The lack of gender
equality is a major barrier to sustainable development in Kenya.

Gender equality and women economic empowerment are fundamental to AfCiC’s vision
and mandate as they are a means to which the Sustainable Development Goals are realized.
Through the gender equality and women empowerment programme, Action for Children
in Conflict aims to:.

  • Increase the number of girls who access quality education and improve women literacy. Education plays a vital role in building a strong foundation in one’s life as it is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty and discrimination.
    Through the programme, girls and women are accorded equal opportunities to enrol in school and get quality education.
  • Promote the sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) of women and girls.
    Women and Girls have the right to exercise control over their own sexuality and reproductive health, and should be accorded equal opportunities to decide over their own bodies without coercion, violence or discrimination. Additionally, AfCiC
    runs campaigns against harmful practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and child marriages that have numerous adverse effects on the mother and baby.
  • Increasing the participation of women in public decision-making and policy formulation at all levels as women are underrepresented. AfCiC aims to cooperate with stakeholders such as the government at both national and county levels, Non-Governmental Organizations and other social partners to achieve gender balance both decision-making processes and policy formulation.
  • To build the capacity of women and girls to effectively combat the adverse effects of climate change, advocate for environment friendly policies and adequately participate in the formulation of policies.
  • To strengthen women’s access to resources and opportunities that will foster their economic empowerment and promote poverty eradication. AfCiC thus works with a variety of partners to promote women’s ability to secure employment, start and run businesses and attain economic independence. The organization does this through
    skills training programme and livelihood support for vulnerable women and the youth. The ‘Cultivating the Future’ program is a partnership with various professionals to see how best different resources can be used to promote Agriculture and sources of livelihood for vulnerable women.
  • Promoting gender equality as a means to combating gender based violence (GBV)
    against girls and women and reducing their chances of seeking help, protection and support. This includes all forms of violence such as physical, emotional and sexual violence advanced by men towards girls and women. AfCiC combats GBV by
    confronting entrenched community and cultural beliefs through public awareness campaigns and community interventions where community attitudes and gender norms are challenged.


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