Climate change

As climate change is affecting every country on every continent, Kenya is no exception. As such, Kenya
has in the last few years experienced changed weather patterns that have resulted in long periods of
drought and erratic rainfalls that result floods hence in food shortages and food insecurity in the
country. Therefore, the need for solutions that will reduce carbon emissions and increase adaptation
efforts are eminent.

Action for Children thus recognizes this need and works with partners to support reforestation. AfCiC, in
Collaboration with children from primary schools, former street children and members of the
community undertake initiatives to plant trees.

Additionally, AfCiC runs awareness campaigns where the community is taught the value of recycling and
keeping the environment clean. One of the programmes run by AfCiC is where street children collect
garbage in town and its surroundings to keep the environment clean. The waste that can decompose is
used to make compost manure, which is used for farming while plastic bags and bottles are recycled.
Glass bottles are used for glass arts.


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