The News Paper Drive

“Donate. Recycle. Provide a home for a street child.”

What Is it

The Newspaper Drive is a Campaign run by Action for Children in Conflict UK (AfCiC). AfCiC is a leading child protection, health and development organization that implements projects at the heart of the community in Kiambu, Murang’a and neighbouring counties, and has done so for the last 10 years. The organization works through established systems such as the national government, county governments, NGOs, Community Based Organizations and other implementing partners.


A world of equal and sustainable opportunities for every child


To advance appropriate policies and interventions that builds the community’s capacity to
improve and sustain the holistic development of children, adolescents, youth and their
families by facilitating access to justice, education, health, psychological and socio-
economic support.


To raise 800tonnes of newspapers within 4 months.

  • The Campaign will be run in two phases.
  • Phase 1: 1 st January- 31 st March. At this phase, we aim to collect 400 tonnes of
    newspapers and raise 20 million shillings, which will be used to break
    ground and build the first phase of the Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.
  • Phase 2: 15 th April- 15 th July: This is the second phase where we aim to collect
    400 tonnes of newspapers, which will also be sold to raise an additional 20
    million, which proceeds will complete the last phase of the Rescue Center
    which includes equipping the Center with facilities.

To sell the donated newspapers to recycling companies and raise forty (40) million shillings.

To use the funds to build a state of the art Rescue and Rehabilitaion Center for street children at Karibaribi, Thika Sub-County, in Kiambu County within the Republic of Kenya.

Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

The Rescue Center will accommodate 150 live-in children and 100 walk-in children and will have facilities for training adults. There will also be facilities for staff, who are specially trained to handle the unique needs of the street children, and are required to reside in the center due to the nature of the work.

The Rescue Center will operate as a safe haven for rescued street children though a 4- tier programme where they will undergo; Rescue, rehabilitation, resocialization and reintegration.


Where our street workers will identify, interact with and mobilize street children
who will benefit from this programme and recruit them at the Rescue Center.


AfCiC will offer temporal care for the street children where we will provide them
with basic needs, psychosocial support and where intensive formal non-formal and
formal education will be carried out, in a nurturing, protective and structured


This will involve creating awareness on the issues of street children, building
community capacities to sustainably address these issues, lobbying and advocating
for policy change.


Once the above stages are complete, the children will be integrated into the
communities. We thus work with the families, conduct parental training, conduct
home visits and offer livelihood supports.

Construction Committee

For advisory and oversight purposes, AfCiC is working with various professionals to assist the organization in the construction of the rescue and rehabilitation center. These professionals include:-


Whose role is to draw a plan of the building which is functional, safe and economical. The architect will provide various designs, prepare the drawings and also visit the site during construction to ensure the contractors follow the design and that the materials meet the quality standards.

Quantity surveyor

He will estimate the value of the construction works that is the new buildings, the renovations, and the maintenance works from the early designs to the final figures.


The landscaper will modify or arrange the features of the land through planting trees, laying walkways, planting and watering, groundskeeping, fertilizing and digging


The accountant will review and query the budget proposed for the construction of the Rescue and rehabilitation center; Review and analyse financial reports and investigate any discrepancies, participate in project visits when required, offer professional advise on financial matters and assist the project managers with the overall project accounting from the start to the finish.

Structural engineer

He will design the structural members of the buildings; determine the size, quality, type and quantity of reinforcements. He will also decide on the type of materials to be used for the structural members and the required concrete strength. He will also produce the structural drawings which are required for building construction approval. Also during construction, the Structural Engineer will inspect and supervise the construction of the structural members and give approval.

Physical planner

The physical planner will provide advice on development proposals and plans. He will provide feedback on physical planning guidelines and standards and also development control


The marketer will help come up with promotional activities, devise and present ideas and strategies, monitor performance, help come up with promotional materials and identifying target audience.

Why Donate?

Street children, like any other children are vulnerable and in need of basic needs, education, health services, skills training and guidance and counseling. Pushed and forced into the streets by various factors, they face a lot of challenges ranging from lack of basic needs (food, shelter and clothing), healthcare and education in addition to suffering neglect
and abuse.

Donating newspapers and enabling us build a rehabilitation center for the street children will ensure that the children will be taken off the streets, rehabilitated and equipped with tools to ensure their economic independence.

This simple act will translate into transforming the life of a vulnerable and underprivileged

How you can help

Donate a newspaper or newspapers of any amount to Action for Children In conflict.
You can either:
i) Drop them off at our Location at our main offices at:
Action for Children in Conflict
Sec 9, off Mgoko Road, Next to Urithi Housing Cooperative,
P.O. Box 6439-01000,
Thika, Kenya.
Or Contact:
Mobile: 0713-386- 079 or 0722 -753- 137
Email: or

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