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Climb Mt. Kilimambogo

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“Kilimambogo” means a mountain of buffaloes or Ol Donyo Sabuk by Maasai pastoralists, meaning big mountain. The mountain is located in Kyanzavi division, Matungulu district of Machakos county. Kilimambogo stands at the borders of Machakos district and Thika district. The big mountain, which measures 7,037 ft (2,145- metres has a rich history accompanied by spectacular scenes and landmarks like the Fourteen Falls.

Lord William Northrop MacMillan (1872-1925) , an American soldier was the first  white man to settle here. He arrived in Kenya in 1901 for big game hunting, playing host to former US President Theodore Roosevelt, during his famous 1911 safari at their ranch, Juja Farm. Together with his wife, MacMillan established the MacMillan Library in Nairobi. Near the peak of the mountain is the grave of Lord Macmillan, his wife and their dog. Also, there is an extra grave of one Louise, who started working for the Macmillan’s when she was age 13 until her death.

Kilimambogo is a home to a wide range of wildlife species like buffalo, colobus monkeys, baboons, bush buck, impala, duiker, and abundant butterflies and  bird life. The peak gives a spectacular view of Nairobi, Thika and the Seven Forks Scheme in Embu.

To reach the summit, you would have to cover 10.1 Kms(3hrs) upward, making a total ‘journey’ of at least 20.2kms. At the summit are excellent grounds for resting and re-energizing and other exciting activities. Because of the gravity, going down the mountain is another huge task.


wildlife at kilimambogo
view from the top of mt kilimambogo

We organise monthly expeditions to the summit to support vulnerable children in Kenya. The total cost is $20 which is inclusive of pick up from Nairobi and park entrance fee. You are required to bring drinking water & picnic items,camera, binoculars, hat and sunscreen.

Call us on +254 722 753 137 to receive more information. Alternatively email us at to request a brochure and application pack.


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