Love and Forgiveness in Action at AfCiC

At the end of January 13′, AfCiC entered a competition with the aim of showing how the work of our NGO showed how Love and Forgiveness were reflected in the work we do.  The competition, entitled ‘What in the World Are YOU Doing?’, is being run by the Fetzer Institute, who promote love and forgiveness as “powerful forces that can transform the human conditon”.

Offering a reward to both an NGO in the US and one outside the US, Fetzer are seeking “to understand the motivations and preconditions of exmplary cases of love and forgiveness at work in the world”.

At AfCiC, we see street children as one of the most overtly unloved portions of society, and we see it as our role and our pleasure to work alongside boys, girls, families and their communities to show them the love that is often missing from their lives.

You can see our entry in the competition here, as well as the video on youtube here.

We believe that the child comes first in what we do, and that proposition has to come from a basis of love. We’d love you to share his with your friends, in your workplace, in your church and on social media. Whilst we would greatly like to win the competition, it is equally if not more important, that the stories of the boys we work with are heard, and that people begin to understand the types of life they live, where they come from, and what we and you can do to help.

Thank you!

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