Livelihoods Support – a new programme for vulnerable families

Livelihoods Support is a project under AfCiC and Save the Children’s Children Lead the Way initiative. It is aimed at economically empowering the parents/guardians of children infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.

This support is in form of giving the families small grants to help start their own income generating activities to enable them to attain financial security.

Beneficiaries are trained on the following basic issues; how to start a new business, how to develop an already existing business, how to market a business, offering good customer care services and financial management.

After identifying a group of 8 member families, beneficiaries were trained on writing an effective business plans and a budgetswhich will help them to develop strong businesses, build self discipline and strong financial management skills. At the end of this training the participants got a chance to develop their own realistic business plans.

After the evaluation of the business plans, the project began by allocating dairy goats.

For those beneficiaries who cannot keep the dairy goats due to their location (for example people living in the Kiandutu slum) we are supporting them to establish alternative businesses.

We look forward to updating you on their progress and on the programme as it gains pace.

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