A letter to Action for Children in Conflict

Dear AfCiC,

It is indeed from a deep heart of joy and appreciation that I am writing down this letter.  I reflect back on my life, before I had not joined AfCiC, and I can see the enormous wonderful work that AfCiC has done to me up to this level. Through your endless support, I have been able to pursue my studies at high school, and come out having satisfactorily fulfilled my goals.

You played an integral part in my life by ensuring I have the school fees and providing many essential items that were necessary for my high school life. Honestly speaking, AfCiC has actually done fantastic job in my academic life. If it was to give back, I do not know what I could offer worth repay back but I truly thank and appreciate you all for your work well done.

Now as I look forward to pursue ecotourism and hospitality management course in Egerton University, which is one of my greatest joys, I count it all on you and all my appreciation still goes back to you.  I am very grateful for all you have done to me from high school to university level.  You have volunteered yourselves in a selfless way in ensuring that I live to see my dreams come true in life.

The school, Egerton University has a conducive setting for learning which will now greatly facilitate my stay as well as I focus and specialize on the course of my choice, I will always live to appreciate you. Additionally, I will constantly be coming back to lend a hand in the organization where necessary. I thank you all and wish you well in all you endeavor. Thanks a lot.

Yours sincerely



AfCiC started working with Francis in 2008 when he was in Standard 7. He attended our outreach centre in Majengo. All of the staff and children are so proud of Francis and what he has achieved. Well done Francis and good luck for your bright future, from everyone at AfCiC!

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