I get up early every morning to go to work and get home late in the evening. My children barely see me. Sometimes I wonder what they think of me as a parent. Don’t get me wrong, it is not because I do not love or care for them, on the contrary, they are my life, I care for them so much that I would hate for them to see the pain in my eyes. I am afraid that if I spend more time with them, they are going to see the pain behind the big smile plastered on my face.

I have always used work as an excuse not to get home early, not to help with their homework, not to tuck them in at night. I have always hidden behind my job and responsibility to the world at the expense of my children.

Now, good people, with this pandemic, curfews, and lockdowns have come along. I have no safe harbor. I have to get home by 7:00 pm every day.

Let me tell you the reason why I hide behind my work and why am scared of being at home.

It is because of the horrors I endure from my partner, the abuse, the insults, I cannot stand it at all. The psychological and physical torture is too much.

I dread the day that a countrywide lockdown will take place because then I will have nowhere to run to

I know I need help but I am scared.

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