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Newton giving a lesson in agriculture to children

AfCiC, with the invaluable support of Owen Pacey has started a nutritional care programme at Karibaribi Primary where 300 children are served daily with a nutritious meal.

The aim of nutritional intervention through the school feeding programme is aimed at addressing the effects of extreme hunger and malnutrition among thousands of acutely vulnerable children as articulated in millennium development Goal No. 1. The programme is aimed at promoting school attendance and treating the long term effects of hunger including stunted growth and wastage. Ultimately it is envisaged that there will be less children going to the streets looking for food. Karibaribi Primary School is located 7kms from Thika town in the midst of coffee plantations and is one of the poorest schools in Thika municipality. Children from the school are victims of extreme poverty resulting from their parents being under employed in the coffee and flower plantations, they walk long distances to school and are often victims of violence including sexual abuse as they travel through the bushes to the school.

An Early Childhood Development (ECD) Teacher has also been seconded by AfCiC to the school to enable children develop basic literacy and numeracy skills before going into standard education. In early 2012, the school feeding programme was introduced here to encourage more children to go to school, increase retention and overall performance.

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