April Holiday Club Helps Children Set Personal Goals

Holiday Club AfCiC Thika

The April holiday club, supported by wings of Support, reached out to an average 450 children daily from the 16th to 27th of April 2012.

The Children, aged between 4 and16 years, arrived each morning in large numbers and were received with enthusiasm and support by an able team of AfCiC staff and volunteers. Activities revolved around goal setting and were artistic in nature, aimed at helping the children to recover from a rigorous 16 weeks of class work. Activities here included visual art, photography, debates, drama, music and sports.

Outside the classroom the team experienced first hand the tough reality of life in Kiandutu with the daily records of Children who fell sick going up at an alarming rate. The lesson learnt is there are many sick Children out there in schools and there is need for constant programmed medical attention in schools. The ailments were treated courtesy of the Kiandutu Health Centre, Thika Level Five Hospital and the Kenyatta National Hospital and included epilepsy and diabetes.

AfCiC is grateful to volunteers from local Universities who worked to ensure all went well but little could have been done without assistance from Wings of Support. Helen Isley, a volunteer at Mugumo-ini Primary School autism class, joined the club this year giving Children with special needs an opportunity to integrate with other Children, it was a great lesson for AfCiC and other partners when it comes to giving Children with diverse needs a chance in life.


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