Children Lead the Way – AfCiC partner with Save the Children Canada

Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC) Kenya in partnership with Save the Children, is implementing a project named Children Lead the Way (CLTW) focusing on working children and Children affected by HIV & AIDS in the larger Thika District.

Working Children in Kenya numbered 1.01 million in 2006 of which 14.7% were employed and worked under exploitative conditions. The 2008 Child Labour Analytical Report also states that working Girls are highly involved in exploitative domestic and social services, including commercial sex work. Another group of vulnerable children are those negatively impacted by the HIV and AIDS Pandemic as they suffer from poor health, malnutrition, psychological stress, inability to access basic education among others. Many cases of abuse and neglect are reported these by vulnerable children who face stigma, discrimination and are likely to live alone or are under the care of elderly guardians. This project aims to ease the challenges faced by children and youth as a result of HIV and AIDS through prevention, care and support. It will also promote the participation of working girls,boys and youth in policies and programs that affect their lives.

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