Art unlocks human creativity. Art unites us in mutual admiration of the ability of the human mind. Art takes us beyond the present and into realms that are only limited by our imagination. Art inspires our emotions. Art is a means of earning a comfortable living. At Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC), we recognize the value of art in life. That is why we encourage the children and youth under our care to explore their artistic curiosity and interests.

We are privileged to have partners who recognize the value of art and its various uses. In this regard, we are pleased to announce the  art exhibition  Mappe arboree; Fotogra; Fotografie di Alessandro Vicario to be held on 21-03-2019 at 1830 Hours CET (2030 Hours Kenyan time) at Via Cucchiari, 27 Milano, Italy.

The art exhibition, which is part of the Drums Project by The Van Group (, will feature display of photographs taken by professional photographer Alessandro Vicario. The main protagonists in the exhibition are trees. “I like watching them, contemplating them. The shapes and colors visible on their barks fascinate me: sometimes they make me think of ancient maps of mysterious and fantastic territories” – explains Vicario. Half of the photographs on display were taken in Kenya in January 2017, when Alessandro Vicario was part of the first Italian mission to visit and learn about the activities of Action for Children in Conflict. Alessandro Vicario’s photographs will remain on display at The Van’s headquarters until July 2019.

The sale of photographic prints is aimed at supporting the activities of Action for Children in Conflict, which in Italy is a partner of Fondazione Pianoterra.

Contact person for purchase of the photographic prints: Martina Vitale Ney (Coordinator in Italy-Action for Children in Conflict)

Tel: 347 5512929


Mark your calendars good people. The exhibition will be lit. And with your support, a vulnerable child will be able to have a bright and sustainable future.

For more information about Drums Project by The Van Group, visit this link (


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