Volunteer Reflections

I am Mercy Nyambura Gatuguta. I am an easygoing person who likes analyzing statistics. I volunteered at Action for Children in Conflict (AFCIC) for three months since May 2018 to August 2018.


The quote by Brian Tracy “Be a lifelong student; the more you learn, the more you earn and the more self confidence you will have”, has always motivated me to explore opportunities for learning. It is this opportunity that I was gladly granted at AFCIC three months ago. Since I joined the organization, each day has been a great opportunity for me to learn.

My first assignments included exploring the suitability of the organization for various grants. These assignments were very educative for me as I got the chance to learn more about the organization. I love research and writing, hence I enjoyed every bit of the assignments. I also collaborated with colleagues to carry out various tasks such as developing case studies and reports. This has given me an opportunity to practice my report writing skills. Proposal writing was another activity I participated in. This was basically the most tasking assignment for me. However, it was the best learning opportunity and I enjoyed the learning experience.

I was particularly struck by the Working Children Centre which I developed a great interest in. I often found myself spending quality time at the centre. I couldn’t comprehend how the working street children could be so friendly. I was surprised at the numerous experiences they shared and their passion for life even in the midst of the challenges and life misfortunes. The whole idea was unimaginable for me. I was particularly moved by seeing young girls of my age struggling with drug abuse and mothering responsibilities. At this point, I learnt to appreciate life.

The whole organizational arrangement was new for me, since I was left to manage my own time, workload and expectations with little supervision as compared to my previous experiences.  This was the greatest opportunity for me to put my interpersonal skills to practice. I was able to make new friends as I collaborated with various people in various tasks.

Finally, Woodrow Wilson said “There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.” This quote has been a great motivation in my life. It has guided my inclination to the field of program implementation and development, and eventually, my interest in the field of monitoring and evaluation. My stay in AFCIC has been of great importance in adding a new spark of joy and satisfaction in my life by impacting the life’s of vulnerable people and especially children. I am now able to show love to the needy by sharing in their pains and experiences in the simplest ways. My desire to impact the lives of people was achieved the moment I joined AFCIC. Generally, the experience in the organization is the best opportunity for me to grow professionally as I acquire more knowledge and skills that would be important for my future career.

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Action for Children in Conflict is a non profit organisation bases in Kenya. Our mission is to  enhance and support the growth and development of children, young people and their families by facilitating access to justice, education, health, and their psychosocial and economic support. Putting communities at the center and fostering their growth through fair and sustainable opportunities.

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