Children hold adults in high regard. To them, adulthood is the ultimate stage; the ability to do and say as you please, without the pesky interference of parents and teachers. It’s staggering that adults forget the hero status accorded to them by children.
Children always seem to get caught in the middle. Cases of disgruntled fathers throwing out their errant wives along with their children are disappointingly common. Or mothers who wield their children like weapons against their husbands in order to exact vengeance.
Even Jesus likened the Kingdom of Heaven to children; He called on his followers to imitate the purity, simplicity and obedience of children. Children’s rights are hinged on the idea that children are a precious resource worth protecting. At the center of these rights is a belief in their innocence and vulnerability, qualities that they all consistently have despite the hand life has dealt them.
I remember being asked to mind my own business whenever I inquired how much my parents paid for school fees. That retort must have been given because my parents believed that the strain and concerns of daily life should not worry me.
Children should not be depended upon to make a living in their families. Sure helping out is okay, even necessary, but placing the burden of survival on their shoulders is unfair. They should not have to be ashamed when adults they trust abuse them…the weight of such a secret is not theirs to carry.
President Obama, during his speech at the sports complex in Kasarani, shared a poignant proverb, “We have not inherited this land from our forbearers, we have borrowed it from our children.”
We, as adults, as persons that know better, as custodians of their future, as their teachers, as part of the communities they reside in, should exclude children from our fights and instead ensure that they are included in our love and protection.

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