The directive by the national government in collaboration with Kidero’s government to chase street kids away from the streets has attracted massive criticisms from varying factions throughout the country.
It is a move primarily geared to enhance the security around Nairobi prior to Obama’s visit to the country. This is a bizarre undertaking considering that it has been ordered by the most powerful man in the country.
He ought to know better? Doesn’t he? It is a move that negates on various constitutional requirements specifically article 53 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.
Every day, there are numerous crimes in the streets of Nairobi often perpetrated by offenders who actually are not street children. No manifest steps have been taken by the government to try and combat theft in the city in the wake of Obama’s visit to Kenya but the street children have been targeted while they are actually very docile in comparison to other armed gunmen and thugs who are still free and roaming in the streets of our capital.
The following rights accrue to the children premised on Article 53 of the Constitution:
 to a name and nationality from birth;
 to free and compulsory basic education;
 to basic nutrition, shelter and health care;
 to be protected from abuse, neglect, harmful cultural practices, all forms of violence, inhuman treatment and punishment, and hazardous or exploitative labour;
 to parental care and protection, which includes equal responsibility of the mother and father to provide for the child, whether they are married to each other or not; and
 not to be detained, except as a measure of last resort, and when detained, to be held for the shortest appropriate period of time; and separate from adults and in conditions that take account of the child’s sex and age.
 A child’s best interests are of paramount importance in every matter concerning the child.
All of these rights have been infringed in one way or another. The government has been neglecting these children to languish in the streets for years and years. All of a sudden, the government has shown an interest in these kids but unfortunately, it is not for their betterment but to evict them from the streets.
The government should have taken the kids to a children centre where they would be slowly rehabilitated and rescued from the streets instead of being evicted from the city streets to scamper away for safety in some other different city or town.
We cannot mask or hide our problems. The international community already knows about the status of our affairs in the country. The idea of evicting the kids will possibly not even resonate well or conform to certain specified international standards.
Kidero will leave our street children suffering in the streets. If the rights of the child are paramount and if their preservation is primary, then why are they being undermined?
Kidero should know better.

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