Street children are basically unearthed gems. They wield immense levels of untapped potential. Just like God rejoices when a single soul repents or when one of his stray sheep’s is found, so should our elation be when a street child is rehabilitated, educated and their precocious talents nurtured delicately until they fulfill their God-given potential.
Street children do not have any guardians to whom they can scamper for safety. The question is, can God have abandoned them into the streets where there is no one to whom they can resort for help or scamper for safety?
The answer is no. We usually pass them by along the streets without depicting even the slightest hint of remorse. On the contrary, it is our duty to look after them. Whenever we ignore their plight, we leave them without anybody else to look after them. God can only intervene and aid them through us hence if and when we do not act; we entirely ignore the command of God. It is not an absolute decree from some Supernatural authority; it should be based on our desire to aid them through what God has given us in our lives.
Often, we find that most of the rehabilitated street children have a knack of doing anarchic things. They are very gifted, especially in arts and other abilities vested in them which are never realized because of the lack of sponsorships or resources meant to harness their potential.
We can aid at an individual level or alternatively, we can do so collectively. A small contribution to any child either directly or through various not-for profit organizations could change the life of a child for good.
This would go a long way to ensure that we rescue the street children who could evolve into very important people in the society.
At Action for Children in Conflict, we have an interim care rehabilitation centre where we house street children. They are rescued from the streets and rehabilitated. They later proceed to receive sponsorships hence their lives are immediately transformed. Some have proceeded to various universities and colleges and other have received sponsors such as scholarships under the Wings to Fly Scholarship.
This clearly depicts the tremendous impact that the money we can render can have on such street children. It is true that their behaviours can be a major put off for most willing sponsors but we should be very understanding and try to relate to their lives and all the ordeals that they have encountered or gone through.
A life in the streets without any hope of a future surely rids them of any ambition. This leads them to drugs and other vile tendencies. This emanates from the ancient proclivities or perceptions where street children are deemed to be a danger to the society. On the brighter side, they are not goners; their lives can be changed in a very short time. Kindly make any contribution through our Pay Bill Till Number (56476) and immediately change the life of a street child.

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