The day passed devoid of any fanfare. The society in general stood aloof from the participants and advocates of the rights of the child who partook in any activities that somehow tried to celebrate and recognize the vitality of the children in our lives and the paramount need of ensuring that they are effectively protected.
Why do people depict these whimsical and erratic behaviours? One day the Mother’s Day is celebrated with immense buoyancy coupled with the never ending compliments that are posted on various social media platforms whereas the Day of the African Child was a “nothing day”.
Even with my sheer audacity to be an agitator, I cannot make any changes unilaterally and any changes made ought to be made collectively. It is not appropriate to love the mother overwhelmingly and entirely forget her offspring.
People cannot even engender the slightest modicum of sympathy or concern for the child. On the contrary, were it a celebration of some entity with flawed ideologies, the outcome would have been different.
Our infatuation has been premised on other unruly passions and we have lost sight of what matters most, the children. Children are much bespoke and the way we nurture them and the love we accord them while they are still young is very vital as it shapes them into the beings that they evolve into in the future. It is therefore imperative that we do more both as individuals and collectively as well to bring the matter to a better resolve.
It should not be normal for us to meet children in the streets and pass them by as if it’s a universally accepted norm that there ought to be children in the street of a certain specified town for it to pass the test as a fulfillment of certain procedural requirements.
The biggest actor could be the government. This is because it is well equipped with the requisite resources essential in implementing certain essential strategies. Non-Governmental Organizations have been very much on the forefront trying to make material changes in this area but there have been major handicaps majorly being the lack of funding.
The advocating pertaining to gay rights is a concept that has resonated worldwide. All this has occurred while the child has been suffering needlessly. I do not imply that gay people are lesser in any way hence their rights should be secondary, what I mean is that we have certain standards, roles and guidelines that govern us not necessarily legal but also moral that we have decided to negate entirely hence focussing on matters that should not be prioritized.
There is no one defined approach to reconcile our interests hence what ought to happen is for there to be much more awareness and for the government to make this area one of its major priorities. This will include more steps taken to rid our streets of any children and for the general empowerment of the children in many other aspects. To avoid any further regurgitation, the point is that we ought to do more.

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