Unlawful sexual intercourse without the consent of the victim has rampantly and notoriously been on the rise in the recent years in numerous places. Just the other day in Murang’a County a girl, Martha Wanjiku was found dead in a maize plantation. She did not deserve such a traumatizing death by any stretch of the imagination.
Why should a person rape another? Primarily the root of this problem is strong sexual urge and drive that may be as a result of a couple of factors .In Murang’a county for instance, the lack of employment is easily recognizable and manifest as you walk around the town and the suburbs .This essentially leads or heightens the levels of drug abuse and alcoholism among the youths which vastly impacts the life of the individuals in a socio-economic aspect. This eventually leads to the outburst of social vices rape included. As they say an idle mind is the devils workshop.
Marriages in the villages are going downhill. Men are adamant and very obstinate that they won’t support their spouses and children financially leading to break ups and divorces hence infidelity and pervasion. They opt to spend the few coins they earn on cheap, locally brewed liquor than on their families. Marital conflicts and break ups directly culminate to rape due to lack of conjugal benefits that are as a direct result of marital unions.
To make it worse, it is the young females in society who are most vulnerable to defilement and rape. This is because they are weak and devoid of any means of defending themselves thus rendering them very susceptible.
Looking into cases involving rape, the punishment laid upon the culprits has more often than not been unreasonable .Recently in western Kenya, a gang group held criminally liable for rape ,were punished by being made to slash grass .It was only after residents backed up by various civil society groups protested that they were convicted for their crimes.
In the Murang’a County Assembly, a bill has been tabled to castrate men who are found to be culpable or guilty of rape. Is this a practical remedy? Will it deter others from engaging or duly refraining themselves from this crime of rape?
Castration is a crude mode of enhancing deterrence. It does not resonate well with the rest of the country and with the outside world. It is not a universally accepted practice hence it is fundamentally flawed. This is because it also violates various or several constitutional and human rights instruments. It negates on important constitutional requirements hence it is not feasible to punish one vice with another.
Murang’a County should be looking to table much better bills that can be employed to prosecute all the perpetrators of this crime. This also involves involvement of other stakeholders who can aid to bring this vice to a halt. Enhanced coordination and interplays between various agencies can be employed to deter others from engaging in this crime.
This ranges from police officers, investigators and the civil society. There should also be various whistle blowing mechanisms created in order to ensure that there are ample detections of potential cases of rape prior to their actual happening.
Murang’a County should also be looking into the creation of much more employment opportunities to restrict or limit idleness hence indirectly curtail the instances of rape. Much more stricter or harsh penalties should be placed on the people found consuming alcohol and other drugs beyond a certain level as defined by NACADA. This will enhance sobriety and increase accountability of the people and their immediate actions.

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