Upon a cursory look of the current operations of the children’s courts throughout the country, it is succinctly clear that there has been some remarkable progress pertaining to the way the children cases are addressed. There has been a realization that the rights of the child are primary and that the courts ought to prioritize them hence the administration of justice in relation to children cases has been swifter.
However, during a visit to conduct a workshop at Kamwangi in Gatundu Constituency, I realized that the idea of an improved judiciary or basic court process in relation to children cases is very farcical and contradictory. This is because there were numerous complaints of the lack of a remedy to the numerous child rights violations that constantly recur in such areas. The people and the society in general were oblivious of the court process hence most of the child rights abuses in the area often left unaddressed.
The other major issue was that, even though a few people knew about the court process, they perceived it as very expensive thus a remedy that is not available to all due to the financial constraints. This situation was therefore disheartening as the children are left with severe psychological scars whereas the perpetrators of such child rights violations are able to scamper for safety devoid of any prosecutions.This is primarily due to the general lack of awareness about the availability of a remedy in court ,whereas at times it is predicated on the lack of ample resources to initiate cases in courts or the misconception that the filing of cases in court is always a very expensive process and a preserve of the wealthy and not those with fickle fortunes.
I was therefore very pensive for a while trying to conceive an idea that would adequately bring such instances to a better resolve. The two key areas that ought to be addressed include the civic education vital to ensure that the people are aware about the existence of the legal remedies available in a court of law. The civic education will also try to clear the myth that the pursuance of justice is only a preserve of the elite. The government therefore ought to collaborate and work together with non-governmental organizations and other key and interested stakeholders to conduct the civic education and ensure that no children rights violations shall be left unaddressed due to the solitary reason of the general lack of awareness of the available remedies.
The other solution would be that of the creation of mobile children courts. It might appear impractical but it would ensure that the courts are now close and proximate to the people in the marginalized areas. This would also heighten the level of consciousness with regard to the children cases and the relevance of the courts simultaneously ensuring that the costs incurred to pursue remedies for the aggrieved children are largely subsidized.
The mobile courts should be able to visit various areas throughout the country at specified times for the filing of the cases. The government should therefore work in tandem with other non-governmental organizations to ensure that most of the people who cannot afford the exorbitant legal fees are afforded legal representation for free or at low costs
The mobile courts also ensure that the cost involved pertaining to transport is eliminated. It would be a great initiative spawning from the collective efforts of the government and other stakeholders to ensure that the child rights violations are curtailed and that legal redress is easily available.
I therefore surmise that it might be perceived as utopian at the first instance but if it is undertaken strategically, the results would be tremendous and it is a project that would resonate with most of the countries all over the world which encounter similar hindrances.

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