The Disabled also have rights

Nelson Kuria* is a single blind 60 year old man living in Gatanga village, Muranga County. Kuria was living in Narok when his dad passed on in 2003. Although his dad was poor, he managed to leave him a piece of land.

Kuria was elated by the news, gathered his belongings and went back home. He followed all the due process with the courts and the land ownership was transferred to his name. Being a blind and destitute person, Kuria’s neighbours decided to take advantage of him. They breached all legal proceeding and went to the land dispute tribunal and revoked Kuria’s land ownership.

Kuria was mystified because during the gazettement notice no one challenged the ownership of the land. He did not know where to plead his case and sought out advice from his friends.

“I was about to give up when a friend told me Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC) and the work they do in helping the vulnerable in the community,” says Kuria.

AfCiC through Kenyan Children’s Legal Aid Work (KCLAW) programme provides free legal services at the grassroots levels to the vulnerable children and families in the community ensuring that poverty and disability cannot be an excuse for inaction on gross human right abuses to people like Kuria.

Through this, AfCiC enables the most impoverished and vulnerable people in the community access justice and legal redress where their human rights have been infringed through the provision of free direct legal advice, tailored advocacy and campaigning and ongoing community education.

For Kuria’s case, KCLAW is in the process of revoking the transfer of Kuria’s land to the neighbour who is trying to take advantage of his situation. Kuria is grateful for the efforts done by the KCLAW programme.

“Because of the KCLAW programme I am hopeful that this land dispute will come to pass and I will be able to live on the land my late father left me. I will forever remain thankful to AfCiC for the support that they have given and continue to give”

*NB names used in this article are not real names.

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