Children Lead the Way: Education is a Human Right

Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC) in partnership with Save the Children International has sponsored 180 students (106 boys, 84 girls) in various secondary schools around the country through Children Lead the Way (CLTW) project.

Children Lead the Way project focuses on direct support of children in Gatanga, Kamwangi, Thika town and Juja. Children in secondary school are provided with subsidised school fees and the project also provides vocational skills training to working children through apprenticeship. The implementation of the project was guided by the standards and principals set out in the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Apart from the sponsorship given to these students, AfCiC is keen in monitoring their progress through evaluation of their performance both in curriculum and co-curriculum activities at the end of every term. During the evaluation, the students discuss the challenges they faced and how they tackled them with the project officers. They also discuss how they will improve their performance and their needs for next term.

During school holidays AfCiC carryout 3 mentorship fora where they educate the students on life skills, HIV/AIDS and career choices. Since most of the students come from vulnerable backgrounds, the AfCiC staff also conduct a guiding and counselling session to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

During these fora, AfCiC also organises for sporting activities since all work and no play makes Jack a sad boy. Through this AfCiC is tackling structural and social barriers to education such as poverty and negative attitudes, acknowledging that education is a human right in itself and also an important means in realising other human rights.

To promote child rights, AfCiC through CLTW introduced 16 School Advocacy Clubs in its area of operation. The clubs are mandated with informing and empowering other pupils on child rights. The clubs hold inter-school debates on child rights and issues affecting them as children  These clubs empowers the pupils to be their own advocates and it also builds on their confidence and self-esteem.

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