Kenyan Children’s Legal Aid Work (KCLAW)

KCLAW Mission:

To enable the most impoverished and vulnerable children and their families to access justice and legal redress where their human rights have been infringed through the provision of free direct legal advice, tailored advocacy and campaigning and ongoing community education and collaboration work.


  • To increase access to legal aid and justice for the most vulnerable children and families in Thika District
  • To increase knowledge and awareness of children’s rights amongst families and community members in Thika District
  • To increase child protection in communities throughout Thika District, thereby reducing the prevalence of child neglect and abuse
  • To improve the implementation of legislation and encourage the harmonisation of procedure for cases involving children

KCLAW Activities:

  • Provision of free legal services at the grassroots level to the most vulnerable children and their families, ensuring that poverty cannot be an excuse for inaction on gross child and other human rights abuses.
  • Provision of effective, durable grassroots lobbying and advocacy on the rights of orphans and vulnerable children and their families in the local, regional and national context that enables the genuine protection of the child.
  • Active dissemination of KCLAW knowledge and expertise in professional forums and facilitation of legal justice and advocacy networking and liaison at all levels of society.
  • Work with police and other commubity members to ensure the successful implementation of laws designed to protect children.
  • Working with communities to encourage adults to follow official procedures when dealing with cases involving children.

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