Interim Care Centre

Children living and working in the streets form part of the most marginalized populations. They are true witnesses of the moral offenses perpetrated by our societies. These children are forced to make very difficult decisions including dropping out of school, engaging in child labor and abusing drugs. At our Interim Care Centre, we carry out holistic institutional and community based child protection interventions for the children anchored on national and international child protection frameworks. We implement a 4R programming model (rescue, rehabilitation, re-socialization and reintegration) over a six-eight month period. Our work is based on more than ten years experience of working directly with the street children, their families and communities.


Our street social workers do daily street walks to identify and interact with street children. The children are helped to go back to their homes immediately


We carry out intensive non-formal education, in a nurturing, protective and structured environment. Our social workers and counselors work with the children to address the more complex issues that caused them to run to the streets. The children are helped to revert to their normal lives facilitating a smooth transition back to their homes, school and community.


Involves creating awareness on the issues of street children, building community capacities to sustainably address street children issues, lobbying and advocating for policy change.


Working with the families, tracing, social enquiry, parent trainings, home visits and livelihoods support.


Our holistic approach, combining both curative and preventative measures, and targeting not simply the street child in isolation but the entire family, has proved a cost-effective, sustainable and very successful model in reuniting children with their families and the community, and enabling them to succeed in mainstream schools, performing well against their peers.

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