Family Sponsorship

Action for Children in Conflict’s Family Sponsorship Programme is a sponsorship programme with a difference. Rather than sponsoring an individual child through school, you sponsor the entire family, helping to make a sustainable difference by empowering the family to work themselves out of poverty.

We are inviting you to become a part of this growing success story by making a regular contribution to our sponsorship programme. The cost is just £25 a month but the results which can be achieved are priceless.

For this monthly fee, you can give a desperate family the chance to start their own business or Income Generating Activity (IGA). Rather than providing the family with handouts, we work with them to improve their socio-economic prospects and enable them to become self sufficient by the end of the sponsorship. We help parents to meet their children’s basic needs through the provision of counselling, parenting-skills and family planning training. If a family is able to meet their children’s basic needs, they are less likely to run to the streets due to neglect or in order to source extra income for the family. As a result, the children stay in school and receive an education, which is not only their chance of a future, but their right as a child.

To keep you updated on the important difference your contribution is making, we will send you a photograph and profile of the family, details about how sponsor money is spent on your individual family and regular updates on the family’s progress. In addition you will have direct contact with the Family Sponsorship Coordinator in Kenya and you can write to your family personally.

Action for Children in Conflict is a small organisation with a very personal approach. We guarantee that your payment will be used entirely and uniquely to support the family with whom you are linked. We want you to become not only a donor, but our partner in alleviating the suffering of some of the world’s most impoverished people.To see some examples, of the types of families we work with in the sponsorship programme, please click here, or for more information on the scheme, including how to sign up, please read the Family Sponsorship Information Pack or email:

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