Child Sponsorship


From just $50 a month you can give a vulnerable Kenyan child the chance in life they deserve

We are always looking for new sponsors to support needy children to go back to school. We are committed, with your support, to ensuring each and every child gets the best possible chance at a good education, and a fruitful future.

We have been so pleased that some of recent sponsors have been enrolled into University, showing just how far these children can go if they are given the chance to change. It is worth noting that to protect the children, we are not able to provide photographs of them linking them to their backgrounds, and we are also not able to provide names. If you are interested in finding more about specific children, please do not hesitate to contact us (

How does AfCiC’s Child Sponsorship Programme work?

AfCiC’s Child Sponsorship Programme supports children by :-

  • Providing access to boarding primary schools for children who cannot return home (because of child abuse and neglect).
  • Providing access to secondary school, ensuring continued essential education beyond basic level.
  • Improving their chances of accessing employment in the future.
  • Increasing self esteem.
  • Enabling them to become contributing members of society.

How much does Child Sponsorship Cost?

Whilst the exact financial needs of each child depends on how far they are through their schooling as well as their level, the approximate amount needed for each child is not less than £30 per month (£360 per year). School fees alone are currently at approximately;

  • Private day primary school is 8,000ksh per term ($95)
  • National (highest level) secondary school is 100,000ksh per annum ($1,170)
  • Provincial secondary school (where most of our children would go) is 70,000ksh per annum ($820)
  • District (lowest academic level) secondary school is 40,000ksh per annum ($470)

(These monthly costs can be shared amongst multiple donors so feel free to team up with friends and family)

How will my AfCiC use my donation?

As well as paying for school fees, AfCiC will put your donation towards providing the sponsored child with;

  • School registration fees, exam fees
  • School uniform and school expenses
  • Transport costs, allowing the child to return home during the school holidays
  • Termly visits from AfCiC’s Education Officer to ensure that each sponsored child is progressing well

What will I receive from AfCiC?

In exchange for your regular contribution, you will receive letters from your child during school holidays and updates on their progress, as well as photographs and copies of their school report. In addition you will have direct contact with the Sponsorship Coordinator in Kenya.

I want to know more!

For information about our Child Sponsorship options please email: if you want to know more!

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