Health Rights are Human Rights

Newton giving a lesson in agriculture to children

AfCiC, with the invaluable support of Owen Pacey has started a nutritional care programme at Karibaribi Primary where 300 children are served daily with a nutritious meal.

The aim of nutritional intervention through the school feeding programme is aimed at addressing the effects of extreme hunger and malnutrition among thousands of acutely vulnerable children as articulated in millennium development Goal No. 1. The programme is aimed at promoting school attendance and treating the long term effects of hunger including stunted growth and wastage. Ultimately it is envisaged that there will be less children going to the streets looking for food. Karibaribi Primary School is located 7kms from Thika town in the midst of coffee plantations and is one of the poorest schools in Thika municipality. Children from the school are victims of extreme poverty resulting from their parents being under employed in the coffee and flower plantations, they walk long distances to school and are often victims of violence including sexual abuse as they travel through the bushes to the school.

An Early Childhood Development (ECD) Teacher has also been seconded by AfCiC to the school to enable children develop basic literacy and numeracy skills before going into standard education. In early 2012, the school feeding programme was introduced here to encourage more children to go to school, increase retention and overall performance.

April Holiday Club Helps Children Set Personal Goals

Holiday Club AfCiC Thika

The April holiday club, supported by wings of Support, reached out to an average 450 children daily from the 16th to 27th of April 2012.

The Children, aged between 4 and16 years, arrived each morning in large numbers and were received with enthusiasm and support by an able team of AfCiC staff and volunteers. Activities revolved around goal setting and were artistic in nature, aimed at helping the children to recover from a rigorous 16 weeks of class work. Activities here included visual art, photography, debates, drama, music and sports.

Outside the classroom the team experienced first hand the tough reality of life in Kiandutu with the daily records of Children who fell sick going up at an alarming rate. The lesson learnt is there are many sick Children out there in schools and there is need for constant programmed medical attention in schools. The ailments were treated courtesy of the Kiandutu Health Centre, Thika Level Five Hospital and the Kenyatta National Hospital and included epilepsy and diabetes.

AfCiC is grateful to volunteers from local Universities who worked to ensure all went well but little could have been done without assistance from Wings of Support. Helen Isley, a volunteer at Mugumo-ini Primary School autism class, joined the club this year giving Children with special needs an opportunity to integrate with other Children, it was a great lesson for AfCiC and other partners when it comes to giving Children with diverse needs a chance in life.


Children Lead the Way – AfCiC partner with Save the Children Canada

Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC) Kenya in partnership with Save the Children, is implementing a project named Children Lead the Way (CLTW) focusing on working children and Children affected by HIV & AIDS in the larger Thika District.

Working Children in Kenya numbered 1.01 million in 2006 of which 14.7% were employed and worked under exploitative conditions. The 2008 Child Labour Analytical Report also states that working Girls are highly involved in exploitative domestic and social services, including commercial sex work. Another group of vulnerable children are those negatively impacted by the HIV and AIDS Pandemic as they suffer from poor health, malnutrition, psychological stress, inability to access basic education among others. Many cases of abuse and neglect are reported these by vulnerable children who face stigma, discrimination and are likely to live alone or are under the care of elderly guardians. This project aims to ease the challenges faced by children and youth as a result of HIV and AIDS through prevention, care and support. It will also promote the participation of working girls,boys and youth in policies and programs that affect their lives.

AfCiC Family Work

With the knowledge that a family set up is the most ideal place for children to grow up, AfCiC is working with the whole family instead of individuals.
Factors that drive children to the streets are not limited to some children in a family and these results to more than one child living/and working on the streets.Parents to these children are mainly casual labourers with low income. AfCiC’s new sustainable and livelihoods support programme seeks to engage parents and youths in economically viable entrepreneurship that further addresses the issue of getting a steady income. The youths engage in skills training and adult literacy classes to position themselves appropriately for the job market. The parents are trained on basic business skills and small grants are loaned out to help them start an income generating activity that will help them sustain their families.

Hope for Vulnerable Children & Orphans – Moses’ Story

Child Sponsorship

So far this year AfCiC has helped 30 vulnerable children to join high school by providing school fees, school items and textbooks.

One such beneficiary is Moses who is an orphan, living with his brothers in two rented rooms. AfCiC started working with his family in 2006 after his two older brothers were identified by AfCiC social workers on the streets of Thika. His brother Francis performed well in his KCPE exams and was admitted at Chania Boys School. He managed to score B+ in his KCSE and he is happy that he will join the university. George is in skills training with AfCIC. Moses is a disciplined boy, hardworking and inspirational to others as he says, “where you have come from is not important what is important is where you are going”. The story of this family is one of sheer determination, hard work, perseverance, hope and success.

AfCiC Partners with Cycle Africa in a Mission Ride

AfCiC is proud to be partnered with Cycle Africa, a charity led by four brave indiciduals who set off from London in August 2011 to cycle unsupproted to Cape Town, South Africa.Cycle Africa’s mission is to raise awareness and advocate for the rights of street children and help small, grass roots organisations like AfCiC. AfCiC has been identified as one of the beneficiaries of this noble campaign and it has had an amazing effect on us all. They rode into Thika in March and were welcomed by His Worship the Mayor. In his speech Mayor J Wandui emphasised the commitment of the Municipality in working with AfCiC to ensure that all street Children are placed back in school and with their families. Cycle Africa brought a breathe of fresh air andexcitment into the lives of the street children of Thika by bringing together various actors in the sector including the Federation of Kenya Cyclists, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Services, private sector and universities.

On the 6th of March we held a workshop at the Eton Hotel in Thika. The aim of the workshop was to bring stakeholders together and talk about the plight of street children.The workshop was facilitated by George Nthuka, the District Children Officer for Thika.  Children from St. Patrick’s and Garissa Road Primary made presentations on child abuse, child rights and the issues children face in their day to day lives. In their presentations Prof. Dr. Moni Wekesa of Mount Kenya University and Prof Zipporah Ng’ang’a of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology highlighted the role of the law in child protection and the extent of the problem of street children respectively. The events surrounding the visit by the Cycle Africa team were also highlighted in the media! On 4th and 5th March 2012 coverage was given to the visit in The Daily Nation and Star newspapers, GBS TV, K24 and NTV television networks and the radio station 92.2 fm. AfCiC Director, John Muiruri and Craig from Cycle Africam also made a forty five minutes presentation on street children on the Kenya Television Network (KTN) breakfast show. Cycle Africa events in Thika were concluded by the flagging off of the team by the Mayor, after a breakfast meeting hosted by the Mayor where the council promised to donate a parcel of Land to AfCiC and review its decision to block AfCiC’s hope of engaging youth with porter business in Thika town. Thank you Cycle Africa and good luck on the rest of your journey with a purpose.
Learn more about Cycle Africa and follow their progress on

Join team AfCiC as we cycle from London to Paris on September 5th – 9th!

Cycle London to Paris

You are invited to join team AfCiC as we cycle from London to Paris on September 5th – 9th
Where will you be on September 7th?  How about on one of the best cycling routes in Europe?

We want to put together a group of adventurous volunteers to undertake this amazing fundraising bike ride for AfCiC. Cycling through beautiful English villages and into stunning rural France you’ll pass historical landmarks and famous battlefields from World War I until you reach Paris. The sense of achievement you’ll experience will be one you’ll treasure forever. If you want to be part of team AfCiC and take part in a challenge of a lifetime simply give Helen a call at the office on 01235 539319 or email and she will send you a full information pack and everything you need to take part in this fantastic event. We really hope you can be part of it.

London screening of ‘Across Kenya’ raises £426 for street children

Across Kenya

“How do you begin to understand the journey of a street child?…Make a journey of your own.”

In July 2010 AfCiC volunteer Chris Howarth did just that. He ran 1000 miles across the entire breadth of Kenya, through 12 major towns and cities. Running the equivalent of 40 marathons in 30 days, through the country’s toughest terrain and diverse landscapes – from the remote mountains and altitude of the Rift Valley and Central Provinces – to the sprawling urban heart of Nairobi – and through the barren, desert roads towards Mombasa. However, this challenge was about far more than just running…

Chris wanted to raise awareness and much-needed funds for street children and the small charities that support them to leave the streets behind for good.

On a sunny Sunday evening in May, AfCiC and the Across Kenya team took over The Roxy Bar and Screen in London. Over 70 guests joined us to watch the film and take part in a Question and Answer session with Chris and members of AfCiC’s Board of Trustees. Over £450 was raised that evening to support AfCiC’s work with the vulnerable children of Thika. Thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a special evening.

Children Lead The Way

Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC) Kenya in partnership with Save the Children, launched a project named Children Lead the Way (CLTW) focusing on working boys and girls and Children affected by HIV & AIDS in the larger Thika District i.e Ruiru, Kamwangi, Juja, Thika town and Gatanga.

Today’s event which was held at Cravers Inn in Thika was attended by stakeholders working directly or indirectly with children.

Visit us in Kenya

Visit us in Kenya

Street Children’s Programme Thika Welcomes you to spend a day with us…Experience a day in the life of a former street child…

We are inviting you to get off the beaten track and come and visit us in Thika to experience a day in the life of a former street child!

We would like to share with you both our successes and challenges and give you the opportunity to experience a side of Kenyan life that the majority of tourists fail to see.

By spending a day with our projects, we hope that you will have a unique insight into the problems facing many of Kenya’s children and give you the opportunity add another dimension to your stay here in Kenya.

The day promises not only to be a learning experience, but one full of fun and inspiration.

Our dedicated staff and children will make sure that it is something you never forget!

We ask that all visitors contribute a minimum of 1000ksh which includes all refreshments, a traditional Kenyan lunch and a project contribution.

If you would like to stay for a night at our Interim Care Centre to give you more time to explore Thika and nearby attractions (Blue Post Hotel, Fourteen Falls, Ol Donyo Sambuk National Park) we ask for a further contribution of Ksh.1000 –evening meal and breakfast will be provided.

Project contributions are vital to us to ensure that our programmes are run successfully. All contributions go directly into the running cost of our Interim Care Centre.


We would also be happy to accept donations in the form of clothing for the children, sports equipment (especially footballs!)., games and art materials.

If you have any questions or would like to come and visit us, please do not hesitate to get in touch
0722 753 137

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