Assistant Street Worker

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist the street worker to monitor the trends in the streets, document, share and act on any new developments in the streets including taking prompt action on any AfCiC beneficiary who drops out of school.
  • Assist the street worker provide support services to boys and girls in the streets including linking them with essential services like medical care and shelter where necessary.
  • Assist the street worker mobilize children living on the streets and form work groups including sports, music and drama groups.
  • Assist the street worker organize sports tournaments, music and drama events involving boys and girls from different towns and sites.
  • Assist the street worker engage children in participatory action research and assist in the analysis of the data.
  • Assist the street worker keep up to date records of all the boys and girls involved in project activities including a data base of existing and emerging services for street children.
  • Assist the street worker identify and recommend boys and girls to benefit form ICC,OPVC and Into Work. 

Person Profile

Hold a first degree in  any social science, have  experience working with street and other vulnerable children and their families. Shows initiative and works consistently to a high standard with minimal supervision.  Respects and earnestly desires to help vulnerable children, their families and the community at large.  Puts children’s interests first always. Resilient and patient.  Honest and trustworthy.  Maintains discipline fairly and in keeping with the Child Protection Policy.  Good communicator with children, colleagues, managers and the wider community, Flexible and cooperative with team colleagues, imaginative in their work methods.


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